Teething is a normal issue which babies face. Though the phenomenon is healthy as your child is growing up however on the other side teething can also be irritating for your child. Previously parents used to go for medicines to minimize the irritating effects of teething. However, the issue with medications is that they are sometimes too heavy for a baby and it is certainly not recommended to treat one’s child with medicines at this tender age.

Nowadays we have teething necklace that can do the job for you. The teething necklace has been carefully designed and is equipped with all the properties that can make the teething process of your child easy as well as comfortable. All you need to do is to place the necklace around your child’s neck. The child will chew this necklace and would not feel that he or she is being medicated. The teething necklace is an accepted teething treatment nowadays, and many well-known companies offer it today. You can also find the necklace online with ease.

Fake or Real!

The issue is that there are many fake amber teething necklaces available out there. As a lay person, it will be tough for you to identify whether the necklace which you are purchasing is real or fake. However, the issue can be catered to you with ease as there are some tests through which you can pass your teething necklace. If your teething necklace passes these tests like the ones at http://www.balticwonder.com , then it means that you have made a smart purchase. Some tests which you can apply on your necklace are as follows

Heat Test: While conducting this test, all you need to do is to get a needle heated. Once the needle is hot enough, then touch this needle with the necklace bead. After feeling if you smell something like pine resin then understand that your necklace is genuine

Rubbing Test: This test is very easy to apply, and all you need to do is to get your necklace wrapped inside a cloth. Rub the necklace and see whether it becomes electrostatic charged or not. If your necklace can pick paper pieces, then understand that your necklace is genuine.

Plastics get destroyed once they are treated with alcohol. Well if your necklace is not genuine, then it will get destroyed as well.

These were some of the necessary tests which you can apply on your teething necklaces.